What has changed?

In September 2015 Graham continued his medical training by starting at Kings College London. This means the service Brandstar is able to offer will change, most notably there will be no critical support service available. Graham will still be working Saturday’s and some evenings offering remote IT support, Website Development and Website Maintenance.

Alongside this there are some services that will continue, these are as follows:

  • AVG Antivirus & Internet Security – renewals will still be offered.
  • We will now be offering antivirus and internet security from ESET Security Products which we highly recommend.
  • Our remote support will be through GoToAssist where we will be able to offer unattended support or on-demand support when required.
  • Website Hosting – the service provided by WildHosting.uk will continue, we have recently upgraded the website and billing system to automate the sales and renewal process. The servers are maintained by a 24/7 team and require very little of Graham’s attention.
  • Website Development and Maintenance – Graham is very keen to take on new Website Projects for clients, please take a look at www.siteportal.uk for examples of recent work.
  • WordPress Site Services – This is a new service that we are offering to assist those with WordPress websites maintain the system and security with regular updates and backups. For further information on this please visit our WildHosting Website Addons section


Our charges remain much the same as they have always been at Brandstar and we continue to offer a reliable and professional service (within the aforementioned limitations) at an affordable price. Our price list is below and Registered UK Charities get discounted prices. For any queries please contact us.

  • Individual & Business Remote Support – £25 per hour
  • Registered Charity Remote Support – £20 per hour
  • Website Design & Development  –  Please contact us with the website ideas you have and we will put together a no obligation quote for you.

*All prices exclude VAT.

The remote service requires a working broadband connection and a capable machine, because of this we usually only offer to existing clients. We accept payment through Bank Transfer, Cheque and Paypal, new clients will need to pay for their service up front using Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Get In Touch

If you would like to get in touch please use the details below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Registered Head Office Address:
Brandstar UK Limited
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West Sussex
RH20 3HA
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Phone or Text us on:
07838 369 492


Company Registration Number:

VAT Registration Number:
GB 909 8599 60

Company Director:
Graham Martin

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With change comes questions and therefore we have put together this Frequently Asked Question’s page to hopefully answer anything you need to know, if your question isn’t answered here please get in touch.

  • Do you recommend anyone else that we can use instead of you? – At the moment the answer to this is no, we are asking clients to let us know if they come across someone they have used and highly recommend and I will check them out and pass their details along if I agree.
  • If it isn’t urgent can I still contact you and if so what is the best way to do this? – If you’re happy to wait then I am happy to help with some remote support on a Saturday, but please be aware it may not be the next Saturday as I may be booked up. If you would like to get in touch the best way is by email or use the contact form on this website.
  • You have copies of passwords and remote access to my machines, what will you do with this? – Unless you actively ask me to remove the software and delete the data I have for you I will keep it securely until such time as I think it is not required, for example if I haven’t heard from you for 2 years. If you have made alternative arrangements and would like me to delete your data and access to your systems please let me know.
  • Will you be working in Christmas, Easter and Summer Holidays? – For the first year and probably the second year I will be, yes. If you would like to book me in for more substantial work than I can do remotely then please let me know.
  • Why are you leaving IT? – Medicine was always my chosen career however for various reasons during my A-Levels I decided to follow an IT route. I’m finally able to do what I always wanted to.